Our Mission

To ensure quality in establishing Language Excellence

To foster a climate of trust, peace and solidarity for enhancing the leaning experience of all students that they can cherish

To constantly renew the team spirit and supportive attitude among all the members of AIFL family

To enrich the capacity of individuals to become competitive in foreign languages at global level

To attain language skill through interactive sessions by teachers whose mothertongue is German/Italian/French to capacitate migrating professionals

To lead our students towards achieving measurable progress in communicative competence.

About Us

Welcome to the GratiaLanguage Academy! At our esteemed academy, we pride ourselves on being a premier language learning institution situated in the picturesque region of Wayanad. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in various languages, fostering cultural understanding and opening doors to new opportunities.

Student Testimonials

“Gratia IELTS institute exceeded my expectations. Effective strategies, and significant score improvement”
“Exceptional German language institute. Best instructors, interactive classes. A top choice for learning German.”
“Outstanding German language teaching institute. Highly recommended for language learners.”
Prakash Kumar